Storms 2016 Political and Weather A Starter Kit Part 1 of… Trump vs Hurricane #Matthew

by dtlange

As it stands, at this writing, in November 2016, the United States is set to elect a new president from either the Republican or Democratic political parties. The Republicans, or GOP, notorious for denying, and furthering, human caused climate change chaos is to be represented by a Donald John Trump. The Democrats, handmaidens to decades of climate change inaction, offer Hillary Rodham Clinton.

– The Trump maw has many in the GOP in a political/ethical/moral quandary such as Arizona’s Senator John McCain.

– “There are no excuses for Donald Trump’s offensive and demeaning comments in the just released video; no woman should ever be victimized by this kind of inappropriate behavior,” McCain said. | AP Photo


How McCain finally decided he couldn’t stomach Trump anymore


Donald Trump criticized John McCain last year for being a prisoner of war and for not doing enough for veterans, then attacked a Gold Star family this summer. McCain criticized Trump at each turn, but stuck by his pledges to support the Republican nominee.

But 24 hours after audio surfaced of Trump demeaning women and making lewd comments about them, the 2008 Republican nominee decided he’d finally had enough.

The Arizona Republican said in a statement to POLITICO, later blasted out to the national media, that he simply can no longer stand behind his party’s standard-bearer. He used similar language on Saturday to that of Vice President Joe Biden, who said Trump’s comments of groping women amounted to “sexual assault.”

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