June 2015: A Fossil Fuel Induced Atmospheric ‘Oven’ at the Top of The World.

by dtlange

JUNE 2015: A rudimentary (Google Earth) graphic of some extreme conditions in the northern latitudes — centered on the Gulf of Alaska.

– Resilient RED Ridge’ of high pressure — and a two color ORANGE circle of warm water: E. PACIFIC.

– Baked tundra and permafrost YELLOW fire boxes: E. SIBERIA/AK/NWT.

– Bubbling and bursting methane minefield LITE GREEN circle: SIBERIA/ARCTIC

– Dome of hot stale air under a faltering jet stream. WHITE oblong circle: AK,PNW/GULF OF ALASKA



We have a fossil fuel induced atmospheric ‘oven’ at the top of the world.

Sea ice, glaciers, ice fields, and mountain snowpack are quickly melting, or are absent.

The Eastern Pacific is rapidly acidifying.

The Pacific Northwest, and its rainforests, is fast becoming a giant Desert Northwest.

Methane, an extremely powerful climate killing Green House Gas is exiting its traditional subterranean home through warming and thawing earth surfaces.

Fossil fuels are being extracted and burned at a ravenous rate.

It is only June.

Another five months of the ‘summer’ of 2015remain.