Toxic Atmosphere – Toxic Landscapes – Aerosol pollution

Month: June, 2015

Environmental conditions of the Pacific Northwest as seen from 2015 Portland, Oregon, USA.

The landscape and the air over Portland is looking pretty grim these days.

Plants and trees show stress anomalies of many sorts. Fossil fuel induced climate extremes are in play, and they increase daily.

The air and the atmosphere is dense with pollutants and wildfire smoke. Tundra, muskeg, permafrost and millions of acres of forests now burn in the state of Alaska, Siberia, and the Northwest Territories of Canada. The whole Pacific Northwest now resembles a desert landscape — due in great part to America’s rampant fossil fuel burning.

As I write this post, wildlife and human habitat is being burnt to a crisp and destroyed while the US Congress dawdles in dereliction — and other than a few news outlets like the Guardian and robertscribbler, there is a climate news black-out — a very dark and menacing black-out at that. There are the daily assaults on public health and all biota from aerosol pollution from fossil fuels.

A variety of text and photos on these subjects will be posted here.



Smoke drifting at various levels of the atmosphere from many fires burning in Alaska. View of the west northwest at sunset, June 27, 2015, Portland, OR. DT LANGE CC 4.0


Scattered beams of smoky sunlight as cloud, or smoke, shadows arc across the western sky as millions of acres Alaska burn. Sunset in Portland, Oregon USA June 28, 2015. DT LANGE CC 4.0




Dead fall of immature cherries that now resemble dried raisons. June 21, 2015, Portland, OR. DT LANGE CC 4.0



What climate change isn’t killing outright — we kill with chemicals. Almost all are petrochemical based.


A bumble bee, possibly disoriented, or in pain, or unable to fly as nature and its genetic coding intended skitters over some pebbles under a linden tree in Portland, Oregon, USA — June 25, 2015.




Late afternoon sun and wildfire smoke in the atmosphere give this flower a warm glow, 071315. DT LANGE CC 4.0 BY-NC


Smoky skies at sunset looking west northwest. PDX 071815. DT LANGE CC 4.0




June 2015: A Fossil Fuel Induced Atmospheric ‘Oven’ at the Top of The World.

JUNE 2015: A rudimentary (Google Earth) graphic of some extreme conditions in the northern latitudes — centered on the Gulf of Alaska.

– Resilient RED Ridge’ of high pressure — and a two color ORANGE circle of warm water: E. PACIFIC.

– Baked tundra and permafrost YELLOW fire boxes: E. SIBERIA/AK/NWT.

– Bubbling and bursting methane minefield LITE GREEN circle: SIBERIA/ARCTIC

– Dome of hot stale air under a faltering jet stream. WHITE oblong circle: AK,PNW/GULF OF ALASKA



We have a fossil fuel induced atmospheric ‘oven’ at the top of the world.

Sea ice, glaciers, ice fields, and mountain snowpack are quickly melting, or are absent.

The Eastern Pacific is rapidly acidifying.

The Pacific Northwest, and its rainforests, is fast becoming a giant Desert Northwest.

Methane, an extremely powerful climate killing Green House Gas is exiting its traditional subterranean home through warming and thawing earth surfaces.

Fossil fuels are being extracted and burned at a ravenous rate.

It is only June.

Another five months of the ‘summer’ of 2015remain.