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Month: May, 2014

Arctic Heatwaves Rise to Threaten Sea Ice as Lake Baikal Wildfires Re-Ignite


According to model forecasts, Arctic heatwaves are forming that will, throughout this coming week, bring 50-70 degree (F) temperatures to the shores of the East Siberian and Laptev Seas, the estuaries of the Kara and on through Arctic Eastern Russia to Coastal Scandinavia. These heat pulses will push a series of wedges of above-freezing temperatures across the Arctic Ocean zones of the Chukchi, East Siberian, Laptev and Kara Seas to within a few hundred miles of the North Pole, creating conditions that set up the potential for a severe early-season weakening of sea ice.

They are the most recent in a long train of severe warming events arising out of a wide region of Northwest North America and Eastern Asia since at least late last fall. The heat waves have continued to ride up weaknesses in the Jet Stream and deliver warmth to the High Arctic, creating havoc for Arctic…

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Air Pollution Circulation California 050214 Animation

This EPA Airnow map of California shows polluted air circulating through the Central Valley, then spilling over the Tehachipi Mountains (6 o’clock) and into the Los Angeles basin and its pollution. At the same time another column of polluted air crests over the southern Coast Mountains and into the Santa Barbara area.
Both columns now circulate within the Channel Islands and Southern California Bight creating a self sustaining malstrom of toxicity.